Information, Policy, and contact details

Salones VIP Pacific Club is an exclusive chain of VIP airport lounges, located in all major airports of Chile.

We are a company that is oriented to delivering excellence through our services, and doing so with meaning, warmth and impeccability.

We focus on the small details and constantly strive to provide a quality experience to our customers.

We want to be leaders of excellence in VIP airport lounge service in Chile, to maintain our lead within the marketplace, to take care of and strengthen our prestige and the high standards given to our customers, as well as the quality, courtesy and impeccability that identify us.

We are a growing company, currently we have a national presence in the airports of Iquique to Punta Arenas.

We concern ourselves with the personal development of our teams, so that they work in a company that offers them a place where they can perform with quality of life.

In order to make your stay at our VIP lounges as pleasant and comfortable as possible and for the harmonious coexistence of our customers, the policies and conditions of use are indicated below:

1. Admission to our lounges is either by presenting a bank card with an existing agreement with us, or by paying an entry fee.

2. Payment is only by bank cards, cash is not accepted.

3. Children under two years old do not pay entry.

4. Children older than two years enter by paying the full rate or using an agreement fee.

5. The parents are requested to supervise the behavior of their children inside the lounge.

6. Parents who need to change diapers, should do so in the special facilities within the bathroom area. Children should not be changed in the lounge.

7. Clients must present their identity card or passport, along with their bank card for entry into the lounge.

8. To enter the Santiago National lounge between 00:00 and 06:00 hours, guests must also present the boarding pass at the reception desk.

9. The number of free access to the lounges are defined by the characteristics of the agreement between the passenger and his bank.

10. The number of guests with free access to the lounges are defined by the characteristics of the agreement between the passenger and his bank.

11. Any claim on quotas for access to the lounges, return of money and features of the agreement, should be directed to your bank executive.

12. Due to airport security policy, entry to the lounges are not permitted if operating at full capacity.

13. The lounge operates a self-service system.

14. Tipping is not allowed.

15. Alcohol consumption is allowed for clients over 18 years of age, we have a 3 alcoholic drink limit per passenger and in moderation. Keep in mind that by aeronautical regulation, access to the aircraft is not allowed if the passenger is under the influence of alcohol.

16. In compliance with the Alcohol Law in Chile, in the VIP Lounges located within the International terminal, alcohol consumption is not allowed between 3:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

17. In compliance with the Alcohol Law in Chile, in the VIP Lounge located within the National terminal, alcohol consumption is not allowed between 00:00 and 10:00 am.

18. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the lounge.

19. The consumption of drinks and food is only allowed within the lounge. It is not authorized to take products out of the lounge or to take them on to the plane.

20. The use of sofas is to rest while seated. The furniture can not be moved.

21. For the healthy and pleasant coexistence inside the lounge, we kindly remind you that an adequate, respectful behavior based on the good habits of the passengers is expected.

22. The stay in Santiago National boarding and regions is 6 hours máximum and in Santiago International boarding is 2 hours máximum. After that period, you must register entry again.

23. Access to our VIP lounges are for passengers only. To enter the VIP lounge, you must present your boarding pass on the same day you enter the terminal.

24. Pets are allowed in our VIP lounges, as long as they are on a lead or in travel cages, and they are not bothering the rest of the passengers in the lounge.

25. The protection of our clients' personal data is regulated by Law, rule Nº 19.628, on the protection of privacy. ”

26. Any online purchase once paid, will go through a 24-hour validation process, for purchases with Debit and 48 Hours for purchases with Credit, once the transaction is validated the client will receive a Virtual card which must be presented at each entry made to our lounges. This card is personal and non-transferable and its misuse entitles VIP Lounges to its disqualification.

27. Please, do not leave your belongings unattended. To abide by the aviation rules of the airport, all unattended baggage must be reported and confiscated by the airport, we cannot guarantee that these ítems Will be returned to you.

28. Take care of your belongings during your stay at lounge, never leave them out of your vision.

Our Team

  • Founder / CEO
  • Ernesto Rios
  • Commercial Director & Controller
  • Hernán Merino F.
  • Finance&HR Director
  • Nadia Gomez
  • Operational Director
  • Lorraine Orchard
  • Atención al Cliente
  • Sergio Aranguiz García-Huidobro
  • Jefe de Recurso Humano
  • Miguel Aliaga