Here you can find the security measures that we have prepared for you.

– Entrance signs to keep distance
– Information banner at reception with all COVID-19 security measures and protocols.
– Sanitizing carpets with quaternary ammonium.
– Body temperature control (in the case of feverish temperature, we will ask you to return home)
– Mandatory use of masks at all times.
– In each reception you will find a defined area to carry out the entrance also adding an acrylic screen for more security.
– Clean your hands frequently with hand sanitizer. For this, our rooms will have different points of hand sanitizer in dispensers, in all our facilities.
– At least one seat will be blocked, we will ensure that the social distance required by the Minsal is fullfilled in order to maintain a prudent distance.
– We will temporarily suspend the use of showers to further increase safety.
– Each space or utensil occupied by the passengers will be sanitized immediately according to the current norm by the Ministry.     

 – It is recalled that in phase 3, a mobility pass is required for closed establishments, as determined by the health authority

All these measures will be periodically supervised in order to optimize the security and sanitation process in our rooms.